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Julie Barger /  MA., ISSA.,CPT  
Throughout 16 years of training, my clients have experienced amazing results. I have been their health coach creating goals and plans to achieve amazing personal growth. It is such a pleasure to develop individuals into something they wouldn’t have become without my influence. The physical transformation is great but there is that spark that I look for to know I have done my job as a trainer. My passion for fitness training originates from 8 years of martial-arts practice, years in the medical field, health management and 18 years of personal training. I have been a motivator and role model to many. However, after children and two traumatizing car accidents, I struggled with my own weight and conditioning. I know as well as anyone how difficult it can be to lose weight. I was determined to reach my goals — and through dedication and hard work, I did. Now I’m determined to help everyone reach theirgoals and be in the best shape they have ever imagined…
My devotion to helping others has inspired me to not only train but to educate others and teach them a life style they will never forget. I want everyone to reap the rewards of my endless knowledge of fitness and the secrets for weight loss and conditioning. 
Result's don't start till you do!!
Julie Barger

Darcy Shaw / BS
I started my career in the fitness world as a little league athlete playing most sports that kids play, football, baseball, basketball and track. I then moved on to a higher level of sport, attending Mullen High School. At Mullen I played football and ran track. While on those two teams through great coaching, hard work and dedication I as an individual was able to achieve several accolades, which included: All conference, All State in both football and track in the best league in the state. I also helped win a State football title along with 3 track team titles and many medals.
After High School I moved on to attend the University of Northern Colorado were I continued my career as an athlete. I played corner back up there where we won the conference title and also played in the semi final game of the National Championships. We then moved up to the Division I-AA level where we were ranked 22 in the country our first year.
While playing football in college I also received my Bachelor of Science degree in Sport and Exercise Science. I then interned in the University of Northern Colorado’s Strength and Conditioning program. After that I worked there for a year and a half as the Assistant Coordinator of Strength and Conditioning were I worked with athletes from Swimming and Diving across the board to football.
The notable ones that I not only played with, but trained include, Anthony Dunn(Chicago Rage) Reed Doughty (Washington Redskins) Vincent Jackson (San Diego Chargers) Chris Gebhardt (Professional Model) and numerous all- conference athletes who are still attending University of Northern Colorado.
I love working with people of all shapes, sizes and abilities with the drive to succeed and better themselves physically.

Shaw Training
"Train Like Me"

Casey Miller/BS, CPT

I went to Ball State University where I played club rugby for four years and graduated with a major in exercise science and a minor in sports medicine, while obtaining my internship from Off the Wall Sports in Carmel, Indiana where character matters and dedication is key to keeping patrons fixated on their ultimate body goal.  These two focuses make me the ideal candidate to see ones potential and mediate a fitness plan to reach one's goals. I acquired two internships by facilitating strength/conditioning to athletes in the area who wanted to become bigger, faster, and stronger.  We finished two summers together and truly helped form more concrete athletes both in body and mind.  Also, I worked two years at the local YMCA in my college town of Muncie, Indiana, and a year at Bally’s Total Fitness here in Denver, Colorado. Both of these experiences taught me how to treat each client as a blank slate and go at an individual pace instead of rushing into a workout plan that is either too challenging or not demanding enough.
With my job experience, I’ve been entrusted to assist in running many parts of a business and was critical in day to day operations. Throughout the years, the knowledge I’ve gained has helped me to see that a small business owner can make a powerhouse of an establishment in a local community by pouring one's whole self into the experience and the customers.
In the future, I hope to make a name for myself in the Cherry Creek community, and offer my services to any and all that seek to become a better physical reflection of their mental selves.